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Surrogacy in Indianapolis


Some women choose surrogacy if first-line fertility treatments or in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles have failed for specific medical reasons. Surrogacy is also an option for gay couples looking to have a child that is biologically related to one of the partners.

There are two types of surrogates: traditional surrogates and gestational surrogates. Traditional surrogates are inseminated with sperm from the male intended parent or from a donor. Because she conceives using her own eggs, the child is biologically related to her. Gestational surrogates are implanted with an embryo, which can come from the intended parents or from separate donors. Because the surrogate’s eggs are not used in conception, the resulting child is not related biologically to her.

Some couples ask a friend or family member to serve as a surrogate. Others prefer to work with a surrogate they do not know. In this case, intended parents can be matched to a surrogate through a surrogacy agency or a fertility clinic.

Surrogacy Laws in Indiana

Indiana laws on surrogacy can be found under Article 20 of Title 31 of the Indiana Code. According to this chapter on human reproduction, surrogacy agreements are declared to be against public policy and are unenforceable.

Under this law, surrogacy agreements are considered void and unenforceable if the surrogate is required to do the following: provide a gamete to conceive the child, become pregnant, consent to an abortion, undergo medical treatment or examination, use a substance or engage in an activity in accordance with the demands of another person, waive parental rights to a child, terminate care of the child, or consent to a stepparent adoption.

However, it is important to recognize that while this law renders surrogacy agreements unenforceable, it does not forbid the act of surrogacy.

In Indiana, the Court of Appeals has ruled that same-sex couples can jointly adopt a child, while other courts have ruled that LGBT individuals can adopt the child of their same-sex partner.

Indianapolis Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy agencies match intended parents with surrogates. While each surrogacy agency is different, most require vigorous screening for their surrogates before they can begin the process. This includes both physical and psychological examinations.

The following Indianapolis surrogacy agency works with intended parents from the city:

Fertility clinics also work with surrogates, and some couples prefer to work with their clinic to match them up with a surrogate. Some find this easier, since everything is handled in one location.