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Surrogacy in Las Vegas

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Surrogacy is a third-party assisted reproductive technology procedure. With surrogacy, a woman carries a child for another woman or couple who cannot conceive or carry a child to term.

There are two types of surrogates. The first is called a traditional surrogate. In this case, a woman’s egg is inseminated by sperm, and she gives birth to a child who is biologically related to her. The second is a gestational surrogate. Many heterosexual couples prefer to use a gestational surrogate, where a woman is implanted with an embryo, because the resulting child would not be genetically related to the surrogate.

Surrogacy Laws in Nevada

In Chapter 126 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Nevada explicitly permits married couples to enter into surrogacy agreements. Prospective parents are not permitted to pay the surrogate or offer her anything of value, expect for necessary medical and living expenses. The statute also prohibits surrogacy agreements for single individuals or unmarried couples.

This raises the question of whether those in domestic partnerships would be allowed to enter surrogacy agreements. The Nevada statute explicitly states that “intended parents” in a surrogacy agreement must be “a man and a woman, married to each other.”

However, Nevada also has the Nevada Domestic Partnership Act, which states that domestic partners have the same protections and benefits that are granted to spouses under the law. No court cases have challenged this apparent contradiction, so it remains to be seen how it will be settled.

Las Vegas Surrogacy Agencies

Individuals or couples who choose to use a surrogate often turn to surrogacy agencies to help match them up with a surrogate. The amount of physical and emotional screening for the surrogate depends on the agency, but most require vigorous screenings before the procedure can take place.

The following agencies work with clients in the Las Vegas area:

  • Footsteps to Family
  • The Surrogacy SOURCE

Some couples prefer to work with a fertility clinic instead of an agency for their surrogacy needs. The fertility clinics in Las Vegas also work with surrogates:

  • Footsteps to FamilyFertility Center of Las Vegas
  • Footsteps to FamilyNevada Fertility C.A.R.E.S.
  • Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-Las Vegas