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Surrogacy in Maine

Surrogacy is a type of complex assisted reproduction in which one woman, who is called the surrogate, agrees to give birth for another woman or couple, called the intended parent or parents.

Surrogacy may be an option for women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term, who have had their uterus removed, who experience repeated miscarriage, or who have certain medical conditions in which pregnancy may pose a risk. Surrogacy may also be an option for gay couples looking to build their families.

You can choose a traditional or gestational surrogate. Traditional surrogates use their own eggs, so the child will be their biological relation. Gestational surrogates are implanted with an embryo that uses a donor egg, so the child will not be related to her.

Surrogacy Laws in Maine

Currently, there are no laws on the books that deal with surrogacy in Maine, so there are no laws that prohibit it. It is unclear how Maine would treat a surrogacy agreement involving gay or lesbian individuals since there has been no case law on it, though it is legal in Maine for LGBT couples to jointly adopt a child.

If you are interested in pursuing surrogacy in Maine, it is important to retain the services of a reproductive law attorney.

Choosing a Surrogate in Maine

If you are considering surrogacy in Maine, your next step should be to contact a fertility clinic in the state. There is one fertility clinic location in Maine that works with surrogates.

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