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Surrogacy: She's Here to Help, But Why?

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Tricia Turner, Senior Case Manager, East Coast, Colorado and Illinois, The Surrogacy SOURCE, March 11, 2011

Help can be offered in many ways, all of which are greatly appreciated. Surrogacy is an act of kindness that provides the means for intended parents to fulfill their hopes of having a family. 

Why Has She Chosen to Become a Surrogate?

The first question intended parents often ask is: “Why has she chosen to become a surrogate?”  There may be several factors involved with a woman deciding to become a surrogate and giving the gift of life to a family. 

A surrogate has children of her own and knows the happiness and joy of having a family. She does not know first-hand the infertility struggles intended parents face when trying to achieve their dreams of a family.  When a surrogate hears the stories of what intended parents have gone through — emotionally, financially and medically — it pulls at her heart strings. She looks back at every stage of her children’s life and cannot imagine life without her family. 

The Relationship Between Surrogate and Intended Parents

The relationship between a surrogate and her intended parents will bring the parents as close to the pregnancy experience as they can possibly be.  She looks forward to the intended parents attending the doctor appointments, sharing the first photos of their baby, phoning them when their baby kicks and does somersaults, and sending “tummy pictures” each week as her stomach and their baby grows.

The thing on her mind the most, are the thoughts of the day when she will be able to hand the parents their baby and share the moment of seeing the new family together for the first time. She believes everyone deserves the chance to be parents and wants to help.  Having had uncomplicated, easy pregnancies and a love of being pregnant, she is ready to be part of an intended parent’s journey to their family. 

Helping Her Own Family Financially

Becoming a surrogate allows the surrogate to help intended parents and her family as well. Some surrogates have plans for the financial side of the arrangement.  Surrogacy may be a way for her to contribute to her family’s income. This can allow for her to stay at home and spend time with her children. Many surrogates look at this as a way to begin saving for their children’s future. It may also be a way for her family to have the home of their dreams by completing renovations or purchasing a new home.   

The reason a woman decides to help create a family is not a spur of the moment decision and is not taken lightly.  She will make sure she has the full support of family and friends throughout the entire process. 

Whatever her specific reason may be, she knows she will be changing the lives of others with the gift she is giving, the gift of life!


Tricia Turner, The Surrogacy SOURCE's Senior Case Manager for the East Coast, Colorado and Illinois, has extensive knowledge in egg donation and the surrogacy process. Having had personal experience as a surrogate mother, Tricia wanted to pursue her continued dream of helping people experience the joys of parenthood. Tricia states, “I believe everyone should have the chance to fulfill their dreams of having a family. I am excited to guide intended parents and surrogates through the surrogacy process.” This, combined with her dedication and emotional connection to each client, ensures that each client understands and feels complete support throughout their endeavor. Ultimately, Tricia feels it is a privilege to work in the business of helping to create dreams come true.