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Surrogacy in South Dakota

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Surrogacy is widely considered the most complex of the assisted reproductive technologies. In this procedure, one woman, known as the surrogate, bears a child for another woman or a couple who are unable to do so.

You can work with a traditional surrogate or a gestational surrogate. A traditional surrogate is inseminated with sperm from a donor, which fertilizes her own egg, so the child is a biological relation to her. Many people are uncomfortable with the legal questions that can create, so they prefer to stick with gestational surrogacy. With gestational surrogacy, a woman is implanted with a donor embryo, so the child will not be related to her.

You can be matched with a surrogate through a fertility clinic or a surrogacy agency. You also have the option of asking a friend or family member if she will serve a surrogate for you.

Surrogacy Laws in South Dakota

Like many states, South Dakota does not currently have any laws on the books regarding surrogacy agreements, whether for traditional or gestational surrogacy. Since there is no legislation on this topic, it’s especially important you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney if you are considering surrogacy in South Dakota. Your attorney can help draw up contracts that reaffirm the custody of the resulting child and make sure your rights are protected.

Finding a Surrogate in South Dakota

If you are interested in learning more about surrogacy in South Dakota, you can contact the fertility clinic in the state, Sanford Women’s Health. This fertility clinic works with surrogates for fertility treatments.

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