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Too Old for Egg Donation?

When infertility is due to poor egg quality or quantity, or lack of egg of eggs, egg donation is a viable option for women to have children. “One of the magical things about egg donation is that it makes possible a pregnancy in essentially anyone with a uterus,” says Dr. Richard Paulson, a fertility doctor with USC Fertility in Los Angeles. Age of the recipient is not a factor in embryo implantation. According to Paulson, a 45 year old woman is just as likely to get pregnant with a donor egg as a woman who is 25 or 35.

But is a viable uterus the only deciding factor? According to Paulson, it’s important to screen for medical or health issues to ensure that the patient will be able to carry the pregnancy to term and have a healthy baby. Studies have shown that women who conceived with egg donation over the age of 50 had a significant increase in preeclampsia and obstetrical complications.

“We insist that all of our patients are pregnant by their 54th birthday so they deliver prior to 55, because it was the 55 and older patients who had the 60 percent incidence of preeclampsia that we thought was too high,” Paulson says.


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