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Track Your Fertility

The FertilityAuthority Fertility Tracker allows you to gain more awareness of your fertility and ovulation patterns. By keeping an accurate chart, you will gain a better understanding of when you are more likely to get pregnant, thus increasing your odds of successfully conceiving. You can chart your fertility online and print out monthly results, or you can simply print out the Fertility Tracker and chart your fertility manually.

Benefits of Charting Your Fertility:

  • Pinpoint your most fertile days
  • Identify when you are ovulating
  • Identify the best days to have sex for conception
  • Valuable information to have and share with your doctor if you are trying to conceive

How the Fertility Tracker Works

With the Fertility Tracker, you’ll collect and enter basic information on each day of your cycle, such as Basal Body Temperature and cervical fluid changes. Once you electronically enter your data, we store the important details and display a chart tracking your fertility. You’ll also have the ability to share or print current and past charts for further analysis by your doctor.

There are several key components of data that you can enter and track on the Fertility Tracker:

  • If You Have Your Period or Are Spotting
  • If You Are Using Birth Control
  • If You Have Had Intercourse
  • Your Basil Body Temperature
  • Your Cervical Fluid Quality
  • Your Cervical Status
  • If You Have Used an Ovulation Predictor Kit
  • If You Have Used a Fertility Monitor
  • If You Have Taken a Pregnancy Test
  • Medications Taken

Start tracking your fertility now!