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Using an Egg Donor in Kansas City

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There were a total of 119 donor egg IVF cycles in the Kansas City area in 2007, with 84 using fresh donor eggs and 35 using frozen donor eggs according to the 2007 Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC). For a complete list of donor eggs IVF data in the Kansas City area, click here.

Known and Anonymous Egg Donors

There are two kinds of egg donors, anonymous and known donors. Anonymous egg donors want to donate their eggs but do not want to reveal their identity. Known egg donors are women who are family, friends, or women that an agency has introduced to prospective parents. Regardless of the type of donor chosen, it is critical that complete screenings looking at medical (including genetic and sexually transmitted diseases), psychiatric, and drug histories are thoroughly done.

Egg Donor Clinics and Agencies

Kansas City, Kansas has three local, established egg donor programs to assist people wanting to build their families. Kansas has no specific licensing requirement for egg donor programs so there are no state standards monitoring program quality.

Egg donor agencies serve as mediators between prospective parents, clinics, and donors. People often look for a donor who has similar physical traits to the prospective parents. You will get information on the donor that includes past family and medical history, education, and ethnic history. Ask about additional available donor information. Find out how long the donor agency has been operating, what clinics they work with, the screening procedures used to select donors, and their rules about how frequently a donor can donate. Carefully researching agencies is strongly recommended.

You can also choose a donor working directly with a fertility clinic. The advantage of a clinic is they screen and monitor the donor and offer complete medical and fertility treatment all in one place. Using a clinic means you would work with one staff as opposed to agency and clinic personnel.

Kansas City Egg Donor Programs

The following egg donor programs are in the Kansas Cityarea:

  • The Donor Source
  • Midwest Reproductive Center, PA
  • Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City
  • Women’s Reproductive Center, University of Kansas Medical Center