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Using an Egg Donor in Las Vegas

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If you are looking for information on egg donor IVF cycles for Las Vegas fertility clinics, a helpful resource is the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report . According to the 2007 Report, the most recent one available, Las Vegas accounted for 137 egg donor IVF cycles. Of that number, 87 used fresh donor eggs, while 50 used frozen donor eggs. The entire state of Nevada performed 257 egg donor procedures.

A complete list of egg donor data for Las Vegas can be found here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Once you have decided to use an egg donor, you must also decide whether you want to use a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor. A known egg donor would be a friend or relative, someone you know on a personal level.

Some couples or individuals may not feel comfortable asking someone they know to serve as an egg donor. In that case, an anonymous egg donor can be used. Anonymous egg donors donate their eggs, but do not reveal their identity. You can be matched with anonymous egg donors through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency.

Egg Donor Agencies in Las Vegas

Egg donor agencies are not regulated, so there are no set laws under which they are required to operate. For that reason, it is important you thoroughly research each one you are considering, and to ask for recommendations from people you know who may have used them.

Egg donor agencies match prospective parents with egg donors. Many times, you can choose your egg donor based on characteristics like age, race, ethnicity, or even education level. Although it depends on the agency, most agencies require strict physical and emotional evaluations of the egg donors before they can begin the process.

There are several egg donor agencies in the Las Vegas area:

  • The Donor SOURCE
  • Heartfelt Egg Donation
  • Footsteps to Family

Fertility clinics also work with egg donors in Las Vegas. Some couples prefer to work with fertility clinics, since everything, from diagnosis to procedure, can be taken care of in one place.

The following three clinics work with egg donors in Las Vegas:

  • Fertility Center of Las Vegas
  • Nevada Fertility C.A.R.E.S.
  • Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-Las Vegas