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Using an Egg Donor in Maine

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Egg donation is a process by which eggs from another women are fertilized with sperm and then transferred into the uterus of the woman who is trying to conceive.

Women may be candidates for egg donation if they have not been able to conceive through IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies, perhaps due to low ovarian reserve or a poor response to fertility drugs.

While there are no standalone fertility clinics in Maine, there is an office location for Boston IVF in South Portland. According to the 2011 CDC Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, Boston IVF performed a total number of 268 egg donor cycles, including 139 fresh and 129 frozen.

Who Can Be an Egg Donor?

Egg donors are usually women in their prime reproductive years, such as between the ages of 20 and 30.

You can choose to work with a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor. A known egg donor is someone you know personally, like if you were to ask a friend or family member. You can be matched with an anonymous egg donor—whose identity will not be revealed—through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency.

Egg Donation in Maine

If you are considering egg donation, your first step should be to contact your fertility clinic. Some fertility clinics offer egg donor matching programs in house, or they can recommend an egg donor agency for you.


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