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Using an Egg Donor in Minneapolis

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The state of Minnesota accounted for 269egg donor IVF cycles in 2010. According to the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, 118 of these cycles were in Minneapolis fertility clinics, including 89 which used fresh donor eggs and 29 which used frozen donor eggs.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

If you are considering using an egg donor to build your family, there are two types of donors you can use. The first is a known egg donor — someone you know on a personal level, such as a family member or a friend. The second type of egg donor is an anonymous donor. An anonymous egg donor is a woman who donates her eggs without revealing her identity. Usually, anonymous egg donors are matched with prospective parents through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

It is important you do thorough research before deciding on an egg donor agency. Egg donor agencies are not yet regulated, and there are no state laws that control their operation. Visiting egg donor agencies firsthand is a good way to research them. Make sure you come prepared with a list of questions, including how long the egg donor agency has been operating, what types of screening they require for their donors, and how many times an egg donor can donate.

Egg donor agencies usually allow you to choose an egg donor based on certain characteristics. Prospective parents usually choose characteristics that match with their family, such as a certain race, ethnicity, or education level.

The following agency works with patients in the Minneapolis area:

  • International Assisted Reproduction Center

Some patients prefer to work with a fertility clinic instead of an egg donor agency for their egg donation needs. With a fertility clinic, everything can be taken care of in one place, including egg donor screening, and egg donor procedure.

The following fertility clinics perform egg donor procedures in Minneapolis:

  • Center for Reproductive Medicine Advanced Reproductive Technologies
  • Reproductive Medicine Center