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Using an Egg Donor in New York City

Many women or couples turn to egg donation as a way to achieve their family-building dreams. The latest ART Report, details the number of egg donation cycles performed at fertility clinics in and around New York City, including the number of fresh and frozen donor egg cycles.

For further information on egg donor statistics in New York City, please click here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Once you have decided on egg donation, you must make a decision about what kind of egg donor you would like to use. There are two options: a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor.

Known egg donors are women you or your partner already knows on a personal level. Often, these egg donors will be friends or family members. However, some couples do not feel comfortable asking a friend or family member to serve as an egg donor. In this case, an anonymous egg donor can be used. Anonymous egg donors donate their eggs while keeping their identity unknown to the intended parents. Anonymous egg donors are usually matched through egg donor agencies or fertility clinics.

Egg Donor Agencies in New York City

There are no state or national laws governing the operation of egg donor agencies, so it is important to do your research carefully in order to choose a reputable organization. You can ask your doctor for recommendations, as well as visiting each agency you are considering to ask the administration some questions. Helpful questions include how long the organization has been in operation, and what limitations they place on the number of times a woman can donate.

Egg donor agencies match potential egg donors with prospective parents. You can usually choose your egg donor based on criteria like age, race, ethnicity, or education level. Most egg donor agencies require the egg donor to undergo screening before they can donate.

There are several egg donor agencies in the New York City area:

  • Donor Services of NY
  • Elite IVF
  • Growing Generations
  • MyDonor
  • Northeast Assisted Fertility Group
  • NY LifeSpring
  • The Donor SOURCE
  • Tiny Treasures National

If you choose to use an egg donor, but do not want to work with an egg donor agency, you can go through a fertility clinic for your egg donor needs. Some couples prefer doing this because everything can be done in one place, from choosing the donor to the egg donation procedure.

Frozen Egg Banks

There are several benefits to working with a frozen egg bank for obtaining donor eggs. You will be provided the freedom to cycle when it is convenient for you, rather than timing your cycle with a donor in a fresh donor egg in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. There will be some financial savings as well if you choose to share a pool of frozen donor eggs with other couples. In this case, you will split the cost with the other couples. Some frozen egg bank options for couples looking to use frozen donor eggs in New York City, include:

  • My Egg Bank North America
  • The World Egg Bank
  • Donor Egg Bank USA

These facilities will work with your fertility clinic, or one of their affiliate clinics to ensure a smooth process for delivering frozen donor eggs.

If you are looking for a fertility clinic in your area who specializes in donor egg IVF or is an affiliate of one of these frozen egg banks, please contact our Patient Care Coordinators.