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Using an Egg Donor in Northern New Jersey

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There were a total of 533 donor egg IVF cycles in the Northern New Jersey area in 2007. This includes 328 using fresh donor eggs and 205 using frozen donor eggs according to the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report (ART) issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC) The state of New Jersey accounted for a total of 978 donor egg cycles in 2007 which is the most recent year this CDC information was released.

Known and Anonymous Egg Donors

There are two kinds of egg donors, known and anonymous. Known egg donors are women you know personally like friends, family members, or a woman you have met through an egg donor program. Anonymous donors agree to donate their eggs but choose to keep their identities private. Anonymous egg donors usually work through clinics or with attorneys. Regardless of which donor you select, it is highly recommended that they have a comprehensive medical, psychological, and drug and alcohol screening done. The medical screening should include screening for both genetic and sexually transmitted diseases.

Egg Donor Clinics and Agencies

Choosing an egg donor is a challenge. Many women decide to go to an agency to help with egg donation. There are no current laws in terms of licensing egg donor agencies, meaning there are no mandatory standards or guidelines. Agencies can find their donors locally or nationally. Some use international donors. Egg donor agencies use different requirements when recruiting their donors.

Some people prefer agencies because their role is a mediator between the donor, prospective recipient, and the fertility clinic. When selecting an agency inquire about how long they have been in business, what their screening procedures are, and their policy about how often a donor can donate.

The Northern New Jersey area has several established egg donor agencies. They include:

  • Angel Egg Donors
  • North Hudson IVF Center for Fertility and Gynecology
  • North Jersey Fertility Associates
  • Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Saint Barnabas
  • Reproductive Medicine Associates
  • Tower Fertility Center
  • University Reproductive Associates

Thoroughly research the procedures and policies of any egg donor program you select. This includes careful review of the donor admission and screening practices used. Choose the option that feels the most comfortable for you.

You can choose to use a donor who is directly working with a fertility clinic. These programs offer complete fertility treatment, donor screening, treatment, ongoing fertility testing, all done in one place. If you prefer working with one team of fertility experts in one location this may be a preferable option for you.