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Using an Egg Donor in Oklahoma

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Choosing to use an egg donor may be an option for women with certain disorders like premature ovarian failure or a diminished ovarian reserve. Women may also work with egg donors if they want to avoid passing down genetic disorders from the mother’s line, or if cancer treatments have disrupted their ovarian functions. Gay couples may also choose egg donation in conjunction with surrogacy to have a biological connection to their child.

According to the ART Report , there was a total of 56 donor egg IVF cycles in Oklahoma in 2007. Of this number, 33 used fresh donor eggs while 23 used frozen donor eggs.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

You have two options for choosing an egg donor. You can work with a known egg donor, which is a woman you know personally, usually a friend or a family member. Some people feel uncomfortable asking someone they know to do this, so they prefer to work with an anonymous egg donor. Anonymous egg donors donate their eggs but do not reveal their identity. Anonymous egg donors are usually matched with intended parents through an egg donor agency or a fertility clinic.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

Currently, egg donor agencies are not regulated by state or national laws. Before you choose an egg donor agency, make sure to ask the administration some questions. Questions to ask include how long the agency has been in operation, what screening process it requires for its egg donors, and what limitations it places on the number of times a woman can donate.

Once individuals or couples have chosen an egg donor agency, they next can choose their egg donor. Many egg donor agencies allow intended parents to choose an egg donor based on factors like age, height, race, ethnicity, or education level.

The following egg donor agency in Oklahoma works with intended parents:

  • The Stork Society, LLC

Some couples prefer to work with fertility clinics for egg donation, since everything, from diagnosis to actual procedure, is handled in one location. There are three fertility clinics in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, that work with egg donors.