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Using an Egg Donor in Palm Beach

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Women who have been unable to conceive with basic fertility treatments may choose a more advanced assisted reproductive technology called egg donation. Using an egg donor in Palm Beach may be an option for women in Florida with conditions like premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve. Egg donation can also be an option if they have become infertile due to cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy..

According to the 2008 ART Report , there were about 800 egg donor IVF cycles in the state of Florida. Of these egg donor IVF cycles, there were 286 fresh donor egg IVF cycles and 56 frozen donor egg cycles performed in Palm Beach fertility clinics.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

Researching egg donor agencies carefully is very important before you commit to one. Because there are no state or federal laws governing their operation, it is important that you do your research, as well as seek out recommendations from people you trust, like your fertility doctors.

It can be helpful to prepare a list of questions for each agency. You may want to ask how long the egg donor agency has been in operation, how they screen donors, and whether they have signed an agreement with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) for egg donor guidelines.

At egg donor agencies, couples can usually choose an egg donor based on characteristics like age, height, race, ethnicity, or education level.

The following egg donors work with Palm Beach residents:

  • Conceptual Options
  • Northeast Assisted Fertility Group
  • The Donor Source

Some couples choose to work with Palm Beach fertility clinics for their egg donation needs, since everything can be taken care of in one location.