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Using an Egg Donor in Phoenix

Women who have been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, problems with the quantity or quality of their eggs, or multiple failed IVF cycles using their own eggs may look to egg donors as a way to build their families.

The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report lists the number of egg donor cycles and success rates for each fertility clinic in the U.S.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

There are two different types of egg donors. A known egg donor can be a friend or family member who has agreed to donate her eggs to you. An anonymous egg donor does not reveal her identity to the intended parents and typically has a profile with a fertility clinic or frozen egg bank to be reviewed by the intended parents. As the intended parent, you can review the profiles of egg donors based on your desired criteria- age, race, and education among other egg donor characteristics.

Egg Donor Agencies, Frozen Egg Banks, and Clinics

Some couples choose to work with an egg donor agency or egg bank for their egg donation needs, because they act as a mediator between the prospective parents, egg donor, and fertility clinic. Egg donor agencies are not regulated by state law, so before you decide on an egg donor agency, you should research it carefully and seek out recommendations from your fertility clinic. The benefits of using an egg bank include freedom to use frozen donor eggs without coordinating the menstrual cycles of the donor and intended mother.

The following egg donor agencies work with prospective parents in Phoenix:

  • The World Egg Bank
  • The Donor SOURCE

Some couples prefer to work with fertility clinics for their egg donation. Fertility clinics offer the same services as an egg donation agency in addition to the actual egg donation procedure.


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