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Using an Egg Donor in Salt Lake City

According to the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, there were 49 donor egg IVF cycles in Utah in 2007, all of which occurred in Salt Lake City. Of these donor egg cycles, 35 used fresh donor eggs, while 14 used frozen donor eggs. For a complete list of donor egg data from Salt Lake City, click here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

If you are considering using an egg donor, you have two options. You can use a known egg donor, meaning you and your partner will know your donor personally. This is usually a friend or relative. If you use an anonymous egg donor, you will not know your donor’s identity. This type of egg donation usually occurs through an egg donor agency.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

Egg donor agencies and clinics match up prospective parents with egg donors. Depending on the clinic, you may be able to choose an egg donor with certain characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, or even educational level. Before egg donation, the egg donor agencies usually require physical and mental screening of the egg donor to make sure she is a good candidate.

Because egg donor agencies are not licensed, there are no legal standards governing them, so it is important you research them carefully. Questions to ask include how long the egg donor agency has been in operation, what limitations they place on number of times of donation, and what kinds of screening processes are in place.

While there are no egg donor agencies located directly in Salt Lake City, there are fertility clinics that handle egg donation. They are the Reproductive Care Center and the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Some couples prefer working with fertility clinics because everything can be taken care of in one place, like diagnosis, treatment, egg donor screening, and the actual egg donor process.