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Using an Egg Donor in San Diego

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According to the 2007 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report , the entire state of California accounted for a total of 3,142 donor egg IVF cyces. In the San Diego area, there were 157 donor egg IVF cycles. Of that number, 107 used fresh donor eggs, while 50 used frozen donor eggs. A complete list of donor egg success rates for San Diego can be found here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Egg donors come from one of two sources: a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor. A known egg donor is someone who is known personally to the potential parents, such as a family member or friend. An anonymous donor usually goes through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency and donates their eggs without having her identity known. These egg donors must usually go through physical and psychological screening before the egg donation process begins.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

For couples who decide against using a known egg donor, an egg donor agency can help match them with an anonymous egg donor. These agencies match egg donors with potential parents based on certain criteria, which often includes ethnicity, education level, or other characteristics.

An advantage of choosing an egg donor agency is that it provides mediation to those involved, including the donor, recipients, and the fertility clinic. However, it is important to research egg donor agencies carefully. Currently, there is no formal licensing of these egg donor agencies, so it is important to ask the administration certain questions. You can ask how long the agency has been in operation, how many times a woman can donate, and what kind of screening is in place for the donors.

There are a number of egg donor agencies in the San Diego area:

  • Cori’s Egg Donor & Surrogate Services, Inc.
  • The Donor SOURCE
  • Egg Donor For You
  • Extraordinary Conceptions
  • The Stork Society
  • Surrogate Alternatives
  • The Surrogate & Egg Donation Center

Some couples choose a fertility clinic for their egg donation needs instead of working with an egg donor agency. An advantage to this is that everything will be handled in-house at the fertility clinic, including fertility testing, fertility treatment procedures, donor screening, and patient monitoring.