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Using an Egg Donor in San Francisco

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The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report contains information regarding the types of IVF cycles- fresh, frozen, and donor egg. For a complete list of donor egg IVF cycles in San Francisco, please click here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

If you are considering using an egg donor, you have two options. One type of egg donor is called a known egg donor. This is a woman you know personally, such as a friend or relative. The second type is referred to as an anonymous egg donor. Unlike a known egg donor, you would not know this woman personally, and she would donate her eggs without revealing her identity. Usually, you are matched with an anonymous egg donor through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency.

Egg Donor Agencies in San Francisco

Egg donor agencies are not regulated by the state, so there are no laws that govern their operation. Because of this, it is important that you take a proactive approach to researching these clinics. Talk to your doctor or friends who have used egg donors, for recommendations of egg donor agencies.

One advantage to egg donor agencies is that they act as mediation between the individual or couple and the fertility clinic. Egg donor agencies usually require screening before a woman is allowed to donate, but it can be helpful to ask specifics about the screening process. At the clinic, you can usually choose an egg donor based on certain characteristics, such as ethnicity or education level.

There are several egg donor agencies in San Francisco:

  • California Registry of Ovum Donors (CROD)
  • The Donor SOURCE
  • Family Fertility Center
  • Woman to Woman Fertility Center

If you would rather not work with an egg donor agency, you can work directly with a fertility clinic; more and more fertility clinics offer egg donation. One advantage to this is that it eliminates the middle man, and everything can be taken care of in one place. This includes your initial infertility diagnosis, treatment, egg donor screening, and egg donor procedure.