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Using an Egg Donor in San Jose, CA

Women of advanced maternal age, those diagnosed with egg quality or quantity issues, or those who have experienced recurrent miscarriage may look to egg donation as a family building option. With egg donation, a woman carries a pregnancy created by the egg of an egg donor and the sperm of her partner or sperm donor.

To find San Jose donor egg IVF success rates, consult the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report which lists the number of egg donor cycles and success rates for each fertility clinic in the U.S.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Egg donors may be known, such as a friend or family member, or anonymous. Should you choose anonymous egg donation, you will have the ability to select your egg donor through an egg donor agency, frozen egg bank, or with the help of your fertility clinic. You can select an egg donor based on your desired criteria- age, race, and education among other egg donor characteristics.

Egg Donor Agencies, Clinics, and Frozen Egg Banks

The benefit of working with an egg donor agency or frozen egg bank is that they will mediate the process between the donor, the recipients, and the fertility clinic. In addition, using frozen donor eggs rather than fresh will provide greater freedom in the timing of the prospective mother’s cycle. In other words, the recipient and donor’s menstrual and fertility drug cycles do not have to be timed just right.

Research each option prudently as to understand which of these are regulated by state law. When in doubt, consult your fertility clinic for recommendations.

The following egg donor agencies work with prospective parents in San Jose:

  • The Egg Donor Agency at Pacific Fertility Center
  • Woman to Woman Fertility Center

Some couples prefer to work with fertility clinics for their egg donation. San Jose fertility clinics offer the same services as an egg donation agency in addition to the actual egg donation procedure.


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