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Using an Egg Donor in Seattle

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The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report contains information regarding the types of IVF cycles- fresh, frozen, and donor egg. To compare the success rates Seattle fertility clinics using donor eggs, please click here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

Egg donors can come from known or anonymous sources. A known egg donor is someone the egg donor recipient knows personally, usually a friend or family member. An anonymous egg donor donates her eggs without having her identity known. These anonymous egg donors are usually matched through an egg donor agency.

Egg Donor Agencies and Fertility Clinics

Some couples choose egg donor agencies to match them with an egg donor. These egg donor agencies match egg donors with recipients based on certain criteria, often including ethnic group or education level of the egg donor.

Egg donor agencies are not regulated by the state, and there is no formal licensing, so it is important you research them carefully. Ask how long each has been in operation, and inquire about the screening process they use for their egg donors.

There are several egg donor agencies in the Seattle area:

  • The Donor SOURCE
  • Northwest Fertility Connection

Some couples feel more comfortable working with a fertility clinic for egg donation, since everything will be handled in one place. Some enjoy the ease of having a comprehensive facility that includes the fertility treatment, diagnostics, donor screening, and follow-up care.