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Using an Egg Donor in South Dakota

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There is one fertility clinic in South Dakota that works with egg donors. According to the 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, which is published by the CDC, there were four fresh egg donor cycles and one frozen egg donor cycles in the state of South Dakota.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process in which a woman donates her healthy, viable eggs to a woman who then uses them in an IVF cycle so she can give birth to a child. There are two types of egg donors: known egg donors and anonymous egg donors. Known egg donors are women you know in everyday life, like a family member or friend, who agree to donate eggs to you. Anonymous egg donors donate while keeping their identity hidden from the intended parents—they’re usually matched through a fertility clinic program or through an egg donor agency.

Egg Donation in South Dakota

There are currently no egg donor agencies in the state of South Dakota, but the one fertility clinic in the state does work with egg donors. If you are interested in more information on egg donation in South Dakota, you can contact the Sanford Women’s Health fertility clinic in Sioux Falls.


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