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Using an Egg Donor in Virginia

Egg donation is an ART procedure in which one woman, known as the egg donor, donates her eggs so another woman can use them to conceive a child through IVF.

Women may be candidates for egg donation if they have a low ovarian reserve, are experiencing premature menopause, or if they have certain genetic problems that could be passed using their own eggs.

According to the 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, there were 283 egg donor IVF cycles performed in Virginia fertility clinics. This includes 268 fresh donor egg cycles and 215 frozen donor egg cycles.

What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation can be a way for some woman to become pregnant and give birth to a child, even if they are unable to use their own eggs.

Most egg donors are women between 20 and 30, since eggs are healthiest and most viable when a woman is younger. You can ask someone you know to serve as an egg donor—this would be considered using a “known egg donor.” You can also be matched with an anonymous egg donor through an egg donor agency or a fertility clinic.

Finding an Egg Donor in Virginia

Intended parents can either work with an egg donor agency or a fertility clinic to be matched with an egg donor. The following egg donor agencies are in Virginia:

  • Egg Donor America, Annandale
  • Fairfax EggBank, Fairfax

Many patients prefer to be matched with an egg donor through a program offered at a fertility clinic, since everything is handled in one place, from the egg donor’s physical and mental screening to the actual procedure.


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