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Using an Egg Donor in Westchester County

Egg donation is a fertility treatment option for women with premature ovarian failure, a diminished ovarian reserve, or for those who want to avoid passing down genetic disorders from the mother’s line.

The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report contains information regarding the types of IVF cycles- fresh, frozen, and donor egg. For a complete list of donor egg IVF cycles in Westchester County, please click here.

Known Egg Donors and Anonymous Egg Donors

After you have chosen to work with an egg donor, you then must decide which type of egg donor you would like to use. There are two types of egg donors: a known egg donor and an anonymous egg donor. Known egg donors are women you know personally, like a friend or family member. Anonymous egg donors are women you do not know on a personal level. Usually, you are matched with an anonymous egg donor through an egg donor agency or a fertility clinic.

Egg Donor Agencies in Westchester County

Currently, there are no state laws governing the operation of egg donor agencies, so it is important that you do your research before committing to one of them. You can ask your fertility doctor for recommendations, or you can visit the egg donor agency yourself. Visiting the egg donor agency will give you the opportunity to ask the administration a number of important questions, such as how long the egg donor agency has been in business, what types of egg donor screening is required, and what limitations they have in place for their donors.

Intended parents are matched with egg donors through egg donor agencies. Depending on the agency, intended parents can choose their egg donor based on criteria like age, race, ethnicity, or education level.

While there are no egg donor agencies in Westchester County, there are several located nearby in New York City:

  • Donor Services
  • Rite Options
  • Tiny Treasures Agency, LLC

Rather than going through an egg donor agency, some couples prefer to work with Westchester County fertility clinics for their egg donation needs, since everything from diagnosis to egg donor procedure can be handled in one location.