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Using an Egg Donor in Wisconsin

According to the 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report published by the CDC, there were seven fertility clinics that performed egg donor IVF cycles in Wisconsin. In 2011, there were 118 total cycles, including 68 fresh donor cycles and 50 frozen donor cycles.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is an assisted reproductive technology procedure in which one woman donates her healthy and viable eggs to another woman, who then undergoes an IVF cycle so she can give birth to a child. Women may be candidates for egg donation if they have a low ovarian reserve, premature menopause, or a genetic problem that prohibits them from using their own eggs.

Intended parents can use a known or an anonymous egg donor. Known egg donors are women the intended parents know personally, such as friend or a family member. Some people may feel uncomfortable asking someone they know to serve in this capacity. In this case, they may prefer to work with an anonymous egg donor. Anonymous egg donors donate through a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency, and their identities are not revealed to the intended parents.

Egg Donation in Wisconsin

The following egg donor agencies are based in Wisconsin:

  • The Stork Society, LLC
  • First Smile Egg Donation Agency

There are also a number of fertility clinics in Wisconsin that work with egg donors. For more information on how the procedure works, contact your fertility doctor.


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