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Fertility treatments can be physically demanding, but they can also take an emotional toll as well. Some emotions fertility treatment patients report feeling throughout their process include loss of control, sadness, grief, isolation, and anxiety.

It’s common to feel a wide range of emotions from your infertility diagnosis through your fertility treatments. But sometimes it may become necessary for you to see an infertility therapist—a professional who is specially trained to help you deal with the emotional challenges that result from infertility.

You may want to consider seeing an infertility therapist if you experience any of the following: persistent feelings of sadness, helplessness, or hopelessness; social isolation; loss of interest in usual activities; depression, agitation, or anxiety; or a change in sleep, eating, or weight.

Finding an Infertility Therapist in Vermont

The following infertility therapist in Vermont is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine:

  • Jessica Clifton, M.A., Burlington

For more information on finding an infertility therapist in Vermont, contact your fertility doctor for any recommendations he or she may have.

Infertility Therapy Sessions

Your infertility therapy sessions may vary, depending on the counselor you see and the type of therapy he or she specializes in. Therapy may be one-on-one, or it may be in sessions that include both you and your partner. Your therapist may also recommend you attend group meetings, so you can talk with others in similar situations.

In therapy, you will be encouraged to talk openly about the feelings you have been experiencing throughout your treatment. In your sessions, you may discuss relationship issues, problems with relationships with friends, family, or coworkers, and financial worries.

Your infertility therapist will help you learn ways to reduce stress and cope with grief or depression. You will also learn ways to communicate and problem-solve more effectively.

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