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Veterans' Bill for Infertility Treatment Coverage Reintroduced in the Senate

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January 26, 2013

Senator Patty Murray reintroduced a bill this week that would provide infertility treatment coverage to veterans and their spouses.

The bill, which was approved by the Senate (but not the House of Representatives) just last year, proposes that the Veterans Administration provide coverage to veterans who have suffered fertility-compromising injuries, including injuries to the reproductive organs, urinary tract, or spinal injury. This legislation says counseling and advanced treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) should be covered not only for the veterans, but their spouses as well. Surrogacy costs will also be covered under the bill.

Previously, veteran benefits would cover the surgical repair of the male veteran or sperm extraction, but left any additional fertility treatment costs at the hands of the couple. No procedures addressing female fertility or even those, like intrauterine insemination (IUI) to use the extracted sperm to help the couple conceive were covered.

“There is absolutely no reason that this bill should not move quickly to the president’s desk. It was passed unanimously in the Senate, and the House has a responsibility to our most seriously wounded veterans and their spouses to act. These are veterans who have sustained serious and deeply impactful wounds and who are simply asking for help to begin a family. We owe them nothing less,” Murray said.

Nearly two thousand veterans have experienced injury related to explosives while in the field that has impacted their ability to conceive without assistance.

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