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Washington, D.C. Clinical Trials

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Currently, there is only one clinical trial in Washington, D.C. that deals specifically with infertility. Clinical trials are usually associated with fertility clinics or research hospitals.

Clinical trials are carefully regulated and supervised studies that test a new hypothesis for a specific health issue with the intention of making the lives better of those who suffer with it. Clinical trials have a set length, purpose, and strict regulations for those who can participate. Participants are monitored throughout the course of the trial at different intervals throughout the various locations across the country in which the trial is occurring.

The use of clinical trials has advanced the field of assisted reproductive technology. New medications, procedures, and treatments have been developed to help countless couples realize their family-building dream. However, there still are risks involved in clinical studies, since the research is conducted in an untested field.

Who Is Conducting Clinical Trials in Washington, D.C.?

Clinical trials are usually associated with research hospitals or fertility clinics. Currently, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is conducting the only clinical trial in Washington, D.C. that is related to infertility.

Washington, D.C. Fertility Related Clinical Trials

The clinical trial at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is studying the treatment of prostate cancer using hormone therapy. An objective of this study is to assess the sexual function of the males during this therapy.

Information on Clinical Trials

To keep up-to-date on clinical trial information as it becomes available, you can visit You will find information about each clinical trial, including purpose, location, participant criteria, length of trial, and results.

If you are interested in joining a clinical trial, it is important you talk with your doctor first to discuss the risks involved.