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Will Kindness and Gratitude Get You Pregnant?


by Kristen Magnacca, November 2, 2010

We’ve all heard about the concept of random acts of kindness toward others and how one small gesture of kindness or love can impact a person for a brief moment or perhaps a lifetime.

But did you know that there is a World Kindness Week and a World Kindess Day? Both are in November, along with Thanksgiving.

  • World Kindness Day? 2010: November 13
  • World Kindness Week? 2010: November 8-14
  • Thanksgiving Day 2010: November 25

What I Know Now

So what do World Kindness Week/Day and Thanksgiving have to do with fertility treatments and all their trials and tribulations?

What I know now that I wished I knew then — it's that what you give is what you get.

The balance of fertility treatments and life — that is, dealing with the emotional, physical and spiritual side effects of fertility issues while living in what we perceive as a fertile world — can leave you feeling, let’s say “bitter.”

When I sat down to write this article, I was going to write about Thanksgiving and some helpful hints about working through the day. Then I had a shocking flashback to my former self and how I had allowed the bitterness to color my world to the point of being angry about Thanksgiving. You see, my husband and I lost our child the day before Thanksgiving and left the hospital on Thanksgiving with a broken heart and empty arms.

The negative emotions engulfed me, and I became them.

The World Kindness Week/Day is bittersweet. Why do we have to proclaim a day to be kind and thankful!? What about instilling in ourselves the importance of giving daily to others and us too. Giving and receiving each and every day allows us to feel satisfied and balanced so we are filled up instead of feeling depleted.

How to Avoid Becoming Your Emotions

The negative emotions that I felt during that November and subsequent ones weren’t in anyway “wrong” or “shameful.” They just were. What could have been avoided was the connection of those feelings to who I was.

One suggestion during your fertility treatments is to take a proactive stance before those feelings creep in. The cosmic one-two punch, so to say…

First develop a system of kindness for yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually, and then shower others with the same kindness. The two punch is finding the thankfulness in all, regardless of the negative emotions each experience brings forth.

So, can kindness and gratitude get your pregnant? Not in biological sense but in the mind/body sense I believe they carry a great deal of power.

Wishing you a beautiful Kindness Day and blessed Thanksgiving.


Author, consultant, and coach Kristen Magnacca has been featured on the Today Show and in publications including Woman’s World, the Boston Globe,,, and Kristen and her husband Mark live on Cape Cod with their children, Grace and Cole. Kristen invites readers to contact her through her website at