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If you've been trying to have a baby for one year and you're under 35, or you've been trying to conceive six months and you're 35 or older, it's time to see a fertility specialist.

We'll help you determine how to choose the fertility specialist and fertility center that are right for you, whether you're married, single, gay or straight.

If you're a gay man who would like to have a biological child, you need the facts on surrogacy and egg donation. If you're a lesbian who wants to have a biological child, learn about sperm donation and types of insemination.

The first step on any fertility journey is finding the best care for you. If you'd like assistance finding the best clinic for your specific needs, call us toll-free at 855-955-2229 to talk with an expert near you.

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I married in 2009 and decided to wait for TTC as my husband soon lost his job and my dad was sick with terminal cancer. We began trying last April and then started using ovulation tests and recording dates. Every cycle was 28-29 days and had a surge on day 13-14. But we didn't have a success so after six months, we contacted a RE at CCRM. We had an appointment with the doctor who outlined all of the tests that we would go through after I began my next cycle. We left the appointment excited to be moving towards conceiving but not concerned as I hadn't seen any abnormalities in my cycles. I had to wait to start testing as I didn't get my period until day 35. This was an incredibly heavy period with alot of cramps, clotting and breast tenderness that my doc has now suggested was a miscarriage. I went in for my day 3 tests and U/S however they found a cyst on my ovary and did not run the tests. The nurse then let me know that I would probably have to have a surgery to remove my cyst but that I would not know more until I talked to my doctor. I went in for my HSG and my tubes looked good but they found a fibroid. I was then told that my cyst was decreasing but that I would probably have to have surgery to remove the fibroid. I can't tell you how hard it was to hear that I may have to have two surgeries but to not know any details about them. I tested positive on my ovulation test and went in for my progesterone test. Strangely I began bleeding the next day. This has never happened to me before and when I called the nurse she said that sometimes people spot with ovuluation. I let her know that it was not spotting but was a three day bleed. She let me know that my progesterone had shown that I did not ovulate that month. I started accupuncture at this time. The nurse also called to tell me that I didn't have the chicken pox antibodies, had a vitamin D deficiency, and needed to start taking supplements. I am taking DHEA, Vitamin E, COQ10, Myo-Inositol, L-Arginine, DHA, nd Melatonin. And then my period was late again. I can't tell you how stressed I am at this time thinking that I'm going to have surgery, not knowing any of my levels, having a strange cycle for the first time in my life, and not sleeping since starting the supplements. I called the nurse to ask what was going on as I still had not gotten my period and she scheduled me for a hysterectogram and blood work on Day 35. This was a great day as the doc did the procedure (first time I had talked to her since the consult), I do not have to have surgery (all looks well in there). She said that while my ultrasound hadn't seen alot of follicles 2 on side and that she had seen people have healthy babies with less. Stress diminished! The next day I get a call from the nurse letting me know that my AMH is .1 and my FSH is 20.7. Stress through the roof! I was shocked and asked her what that meant. She said that it didn't look good and that I would need to use Donor Eggs. I asked a few more questions and she said that I would need to wait until I met with the doctor next week. So I have spent the past few days crying, reading everything that I can on the internet, and getting my questions ready for the RE. I am a little concerned by the nurse's attitude and am not sure about the results as they were not on Day 3. It also seems hard to believe that I will have to go straight to Donor Eggs without seeing how my body reacts to any stimulants or anything else. Today I met with the doctor and she told me that she would not work with me at my levels. Do you know of any high FSH RE's in Colorado? Thanks!

Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry that you are going through this. AMH is the most accurate predictor and remains stable throughout your cycle and from cycle to cycle. Please give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or you can fill out the contact fertility doctors near me form: We will help you connect with a reputable fertility doctor in Colorado. Best, Kim

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