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Things to Consider in Selecting a Fertility Clinic

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There are several things to consider in choosing a fertility clinic, such as fertility clinic success rates, fertility clinic practitioners and where the fertility clinic is located.

Fertility Clinic Success Rates

You may be tempted to select a fertility clinic based solely on success rates. While that is an important component, it is not the only criterion that should be used.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) produces the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, the most recent of which uses data from 2009, to compare the services and success rates of all fertility clinics in every state. Read this data carefully, and make sure you look at the number of cycles performed and the diagnoses each fertility clinic treats. A fertility clinic with the highest success rate may not be the most beneficial to you, if its successes are primarily in a different age group or if they only treat a small number of women with your diagnosis.

Fertility Clinic Doctors, Nurses and Staff

The fertility clinic should be comprised of a team of professionals to help you on your family-building journey, including fertility doctors, infertility counselors, financial advisors, fertility nurses, embryologists, and a staff to interpret blood and lab results.

You (and your partner) should personally visit each clinic you are considering, so you could get a more personal feel of the place. Observe how the staff relates to the patients, and take in the environment. Arrange a meeting with a fertility doctor on staff to discuss treatment options. It is a good idea to bring your medical history with you, so the fertility doctor can have a baseline of your medical history.


For many patients, fertility treatments involve regular appointments. It may not be feasible to choose a fertility clinic that is located hours away, since you may be returning there often. However, many of the larger fertility clinics offer satellite offices that may be closer to your home. Talk with your doctor or friends who have gone through fertility treatments to weigh their recommendations. Undergoing fertility treatments can cause enough stress, and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a long or difficult commute.

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My husband and I were always busy with our career and we just got married a little bit over a year and wanted to try if we can have a baby before considering other options. Do you think it's still possible? Both of us had no kids in the past.

I would like to look into being an egg donor

If you'd like to become an egg donor, you should contact a fertility clinic in your area that has an egg donation program, or an egg donor agency. All the best, Claire

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