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A Story of Friendship

a blog by Shana Kurz, June 30, 2012

I believe as you move into adulthood, each of your friends serve a purpose. Some are there to make you laugh, others for support, some you share common interests with and then there are one or two that are the complete package. I also believe there are cycles that friendships move through, the ups and downs similar to all relationships, but compared to the crazy boyfriend from college, the curve on a graph would be smooth with gentle slopes.

When I started trying to have a baby, my husband and I moved to the perfect suburban town. This town had a beautiful downtown area with a coffee shop, bakery, restaurants and two Ralph Lauren stores. The train took half of the town into New York City each morning while the other half took care of their children. It was an amazing place to live, with amazing people, places to go and activities for involvement. But only if you had children.


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