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Staying Positive During Your First Trimester

A checklist for keeping calm during your first three months

No, this isn’t another chirpy post about the power of positive thinking or the laws of attraction. While there are potential fertility benefits to both of those things, the positive I’m talking about here is the little plus on the pee stick or the positive lilt in the nurse’s voice when she gives you the news that your beta hCG has just doubled. I've seen the apprehension behind the eyes of my yoga students when they share their good news. One hurdle cleared – “I’m pregnant!” – but another looms ahead: that tenuous first trimester. This anxiety is magnified if their journey has been a long one or if a previous “positive” ended in a negative.

Having experienced multiple miscarriages and other assorted disappointments of my own, that odd mix of joy and terror during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy is something I know way too well. I spent most of the waking hours of my first trimesters taking my basal temperature, making sure it hadn’t dropped, bracing myself to see blood on the toilet paper every time I went to the bathroom and subjecting every ping I felt in my abdomen to a thorough Google search.

Is there anything we can do to make this time bearable?

Absolutely. I’m assuming that you’ve been taking pretty good care of yourself on the road to pregnancy, so now is definitely not the time to pull off that road. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing to stay happy, healthy and balanced. If you’re so freaked out that you can’t remember what those things were, here is a checklist for staying positive, figuratively and literally, during the first trimester:

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