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Dear Santa, I Would Like a Baby for Christmas

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A blog by Alexis DelChiaro, December 24, 2014

Dear Santa,

It's been a while since I've written a letter to you on Christmas. The last time I remember reaching out was sometime in the 80's when all I wanted was a pair of hot pink and white roller skates. I wrote you a letter in my fanciest Magic Marker penmanship and left you a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. The next morning as I furiously unwrapped packages in pristine red and green paper, you did not let me down Santa. Those beautiful new roller skates under my Douglas Fir were proof that Christmas is truly magical.

Santa, I'm writing to you now...some 20 years later with my biggest request yet. This gift is something I wished for my whole life, but especially these last three years. This gift is something that you cannot buy in a store or online. This gift is something that even many thousands of dollars paid to doctors cannot buy. This is the most precious gift of all, a new life.

Santa, I would like a baby for Christmas. I know, I know. You probably think that seems like a tall order, but let me assure you the specifics aren't important to me. Make it happen in the form of two lines on my EPT test, place a baby on our doorstep, introduce me to a birthmother who would like to put her baby up for adoption...immaculate conception is fine too! (After all it is Christmas! It worked for Mary and Joseph...why not us?)

In fact Santa, many people forget the true meaning of Christmas. It's about children. The very essence of the holiday is to celebrate the birth of a child, THE child! Jesus Christ was born and the world rejoiced! So it seems only natural to feel especially hopeful for my own child around the holidays. My own little Christmas miracle! Plus it's a holiday FOR children. Sure, adults like to join in on the fun, but it's really about the kiddos. The toys, the lights, the goodies, sitting on your lap at the mall; you know...the magic!

Sadly, Christmas time hasn't been as magical in my home lately. Santa I'm starting to get the feeling I've been forgotten. All of my other friends who have asked for a baby got their gifts already...some got two! I hate to seem ungrateful because I know that I have so many wonderful gifts in my life, but I want to be a mother in the worst way. Every part of my being is aching to hold that sweet baby of mine. Please Santa, help me.

I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. Santa, I believe in YOU. Please bring me my baby this Christmas.

Yours truly,


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I wish you all the best of luck. We have been trying for a very long time with no success. Actually, last night I spoke with a friend who had been having trouble as well. She couldn't even have a regular cycle and guess what, she's pregnant! As excited as I am for them, it always feel like a stab to the heart after hearing "We're pregnant" so many times. So I wish you the very best of luck and I hope it happens for you soon!

Thank you so much. That feeling is the worst. Wish I could give you a huge hug! Just know that our time will come soon. XOXOXo

Alexis, I believe in the deepest parts of my heart you will get your child this year. Christmas 2014 may turn out to be the day he or she was conceived or born. Santa Clause, just like G-d, knows a truly blessed spirit and that is you. You will be rewarded with the chance to share your love and spirit with your baby very soon. I can't wait to meet the amazing child that gets to call you Mom Be ready for a blessed 2015. Sending love and support Brent

Alexis, You are a wonderful person and you deserve to be happy! One day you will be a happy mother, "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Have you considered the international adaptation? I'm not a big expert about it, all I know it's very expansive and you should be very careful about some scams, but there are so many happy stories also! I've read and heard about the happy American families who adapted children from China, former Soviet Union Republics, and other countries. Originally I'm from Ukraine, have been living in the USA for 10 years, now working for the City of San Diego. I speak Russian and Ukrainian and if you will ever need some help (absolutely free:) with the translation or anything else, please let me know! (619) 607-1881 Merry Christmas! Lana

Alexis is my wife's best friend. She's one of the more incredible individuals you can hope to meet and even luckier to have this amazing woman in your life. Once you've had the opportunity to spend time with Alexis you'll soon realize there are few people more deserving of all the miracles life has to offer. More important, regarding Alexis and her future as a mother is one that no one could question nor deny her after the first chance you get seeing her interact with children. She is a woman that most children only dream about having as a mother. It would be my greatest honor helping assist Alexis in achieving her ultimate life long dream and reason for existence, having a child of her own. We love her and can personally attest that there's no one more deserving of this incredible gift of life!

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