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The Oncofertility Corner

Alice Crisci is the founder of Fertile Action, a non-profit helping women touched by cancer become mothers through education, advocacy and financial aid. She is also a national patient advocate and the Oncofertility Program Coordinator for the University of Colorado Denver’s Advanced Reproductive Medicine. She was named a "Remarkable Woman" by Lifetime Networks and routinely publishes about the cancer and fertility connection on, and FertilityAuthority. She is currently advocating for the Family Act, which offers a tax credit for infertility treatment.


a blog by Alice Crisci, June 6, 2012

As a patient advocate for fertility preservation, I am spending much of my time these days negotiating with insurance companies to cover egg, embryo and sperm freezing for our cancer patients. I am growing weary of the letters I receive stating “Procedure is not a covered benefit. Basis of decision: Infertility.”

I am no stranger to the loopholes the insurance industry jumps out of — after all, I had breast cancer four years ago and had to appeal twice to receive benefits for my reconstructive surgery, and that has a federal mandate behind it!

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