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Can a Coping Technique Increase IVF Success?

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A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, June 8, 2015

Did you know that "letting go coping" is associated with successful IVF treatment outcomes? When I read the study, I couldn't believe it either. Although the study was published in the Fertility and Sterility journal in 2006, and has its limitations - like any study - it clearly suggests that letting go coping is associated with a definite reduction in the thought process and focus around the experience of infertility.

What is letting go coping?
Letting go coping is an alternative way of addressing the worries, anxieties and stress responses that go hand in hand with infertility. As we all know, going through the infertility journey can be physically, emotionally and financially taxing. It can induce feelings of fear, hopeless and leave one feeling stressed to the maximum. Letting go coping may have beneficial effects on both our psychological and physiological stress response.

"When control is not possible, focusing on and regulating one's associated emotions may be more effective." (Nathalie Rapoport-Hubschman, M.D.)

Mindfulness is the ultimate letting go technique. Moment to moment awareness of the here and now is the magic tool in the opinion of many. Mindfulness is the opposite of worry and anxiety. When we are caught in "thinking mode" for too long, our bodies tend to have a physiological response. This is the mind body connection. Cognitively disengaging through mindfulness and other letting go coping methods have the power potentially to bypass our stress response, leaving us feeling more relaxed and less fearful. So take a deep breath in and gently let it go. You are now on the road to letting go and this release will benefit you in many ways you never thought possible.


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I am an infertility nurse, who herself struggle with infertility and failure. Everyday, I call my amazing patients with their next steps....and hold my breath and pray every time I see their results come on!!! The best part of my day, calling them with a positive test, the worst, calling with a negative! We feel every emotion with our patients, especially myself, as I struggle to get a baby of my own!!! We are here for you, we are your partners, and in this with you!!! Every heartache you feel, guess what, I cry it with you! For every happy outcome, I rejoice with you!!! Give your fertility nurse a hug, I have been a nurse for 14 years, I have worked in icu settings and have seen so much!!! I have felt the most heartache fr being a fertility nurse!!! Love you girls!

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