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Hello, In-Vitro: Intro to This Blog


a blog by Amy Klein, February 6, 2014

When I was in my 30s, building my career and trying to find a partner, I cluelessly assumed In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) would be the easy antidote to my ticking biological clock. You know, like, buying an umbrella if it rains. Or imagining how you’ll just dye your hair when you go gray, or, worst case, get plastic surgery when you get older (I sort of did, but that’s another story!).

IVF. Those three little letters are a mystery to anyone who is not a doctor and does not go through it. As I discovered after getting married after 40—which you probably know if you’re reading this—there’s so much more to it than a turkey baster and a dream: Even when you figure out what it is – hey, that’s the test-tube baby we all heard about in high school? – that it’s mixing the sperm and egg together in a petri dish and then putting them back in a womb, there is so much you don’t understand, that you only know along the way.

I suppose it’s like any health issue: You don’t know all the details until you are forced to: whether it’s diabetes or acid reflux (guess why all my examples are eating related!), until it comes into your immediate planet, you just have a vague notion of what it is. And why should you? There’s so much information in the world about everything that it’s overwhelming.

That’s why I’m blogging here at In Vitro. You might have followed me in the past, for my weekly six-month column at the New York Times Fertility Diary on The Motherlode blog, which covered my daily process going through IVF, but here I want to cover different topics. Here I don’t want to talk about myself and the daily trials and tribulations as much as share information I’ve learned about fertility, IVF, medicine, health and people in general, in addition to talking about what’s going on in the news of IVF around the world.

I also welcome your positive participation: I want to know what you’re struggling with, from debating whether to move onto IUI to IVF, which type of IVF protocol you’re doing, to things you find frustrating or amazing or want covered during the process.

I’ll be posting three times a week here, often asking you what’s interesting or needs talking about among us women and men who are going through the process. It’s a difficult journey – so let’s make it through together.

Are there any topics you need to discuss? Tweet me @amydklein or #invitro.


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Hi Amy, I am hoping your journey is leading to a happy path. I wanted to raise the issue of surrogacy and its legality and more importantly, its illegality in certain states. As a proud New Yorker, I cannot believe that our open minded, progressive state does not permit surrogacy. We are outsourcing this important role in allowing every couple to have a child either their own biological child carried by a gestational carrier, or one carried by a surrogate. Hoping you can shed some much needed attention to this backward situation and encourage everyone to reach out to their legislators to make sure their state allows this important step toward making parents out of people with fertility issues.

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