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An Infertility Sequel

Bernadette Hunton is a 31 year old attorney and mom to one joyful daughter by her side and one heroic son flying high. Following several rounds of Clomid, 3 IUIs, 4 donor egg cycles in the United States and 4 donor egg/gestational carrier cycles in India, she finally realized her dream of becoming a mother when her boy/girl twins were born unexpectedly early at 29 weeks in New Delhi, India.

She blogs about her journey to motherhood and her evolving perspective on what it means to be a Mom as she learns to embrace life as the mother of one living child following her twins’ five month NICU stay in India, an eventual medical evacuation back to the States, the devastating news of her son’s neurological syndrome diagnosis and his ultimate passing at

Having finally earned that coveted three letter title, she now shares with readers how she deals with the after-baby challenges that accompany building her family in such a unique way.


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