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Which Country is Right for Your IVF Treatment Abroad?

A blog by Caroline Phillips, September 17, 2014

There is no doubt that due to increasing popularity of IVF treatment abroad, more and more IVF clinics in Europe are opening their doors to people from other countries. Just last year a new IVF clinic opened in Prague, and some established clinics in other countries are moving into modern buildings as they expand the services they offer. There has never been a greater choice if you are considering Europe for treatment. But how do you choose the right place to go? Let’s take a look at what some of the countries have to offer.

The Czech Republic is a popular choice with people from the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA. Its laws are quite liberal and will allow a range of IVF treatments. Women up to the age of 49 years can be treated. It allows sperm and egg donation and embryo donation, but sex selection for non-medical reasons is not allowed. The treatments themselves are certainly cheaper than many other countries, and compared to the UK it can be up to 50% cheaper. The main attraction is that there are no waiting lists for egg donation treatment. This is due to the fact that egg and sperm donors are anonymous by law.

Egg donation treatment in Spain has always been very popular with people from the UK because it is very accessible and familiar. The prices of egg donation treatments are probably not as low as in the Czech Republic, but Spain offers a very well- trodden path for lots of couples and singles. There is lots of support available from the many people who have already been down this route. The donors are once again anonymous so this leads to short waiting times for treatment. The clinics are well regulated and most clinics submit their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) so their statistics can be checked.

Greece offers a low cost option for treatment. Its laws are liberal and treatment for women is allowed up to the age of 50 years. Sex selection is not allowed for non-medical reasons. Egg and sperm donors are anonymous and so there is usually no waiting list for treatment. There are many established clinics in Greece with staff which speak English as well as other languages so communication should not be a problem.

Cyprus has a number of clinics in both the North and South. The laws vary depending on which part of Cyprus you are in. In the North, surrogacy is not allowed but gender selection for family balancing is. The cost of treatment is comparable to Greece. The donors are once again anonymous and consequently there is usually no waiting time for treatment to begin.

These are some of the more popular countries for treatment. However, there are clinics in Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Hungary and many other countries which also offer treatment options which can be very cost effective. Of course, it is not just about cost, there are other factors to consider, not least whether donor anonymity is something which you are happy with.

There are lots of choices available abroad and sometimes this makes things harder not easier. The best advice is to research and then research some more to ensure that you are totally happy with your choice of country and clinic.


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Hi Megan,

What information did you find when looking at clinics in Mexico and the Czech Republic? Do you have any helpful hints/tips or things to stay away from you would mind sharing?

Jenna Marinelli
Patient Care Advocate

Great information! Before I enrolled in a clinical trial with a reduced cost, we were looking into clinics in Mexico and the Czech Republic. Are you considering going abroad?

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