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Five Reasons to Travel Half Way around the World to Have Egg Donation in Greece

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A Blog by Chrysa Karakosta, Newlife IVF, Thessaloniki, Greece, January 23, 2015

Greece is a small country located in southeast Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Most people know about this country either from films: “Zorbas the Greek”, “Mama Mia”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or due to the economic crisis that it’s been going through in the last couple of years. However, Greece in the past couple of years has also become one of the new “hubs” of medical tourism. One of the areas fast developing here is fertility treatment. Many people travel from Europe and all over the world to have IVF treatment in Greece and in particular there are many couples who travel specifically for egg donation.

There are many reasons why Greece is popular for egg donation treatment:

  1. Low cost
    Greece is a very low cost option for egg donation treatment in comparison to having treatment in the UK and the USA. Donor IVF in the USA costs around $35,000 including travel. This is about three times more than what it would cost in Greece including travel. But even in comparison to other European countries that are well known for egg donation treatments, like Spain, Greece has lower prices, with standards of medical treatment that are comparable.
  2. No waiting lists
    The economic crisis that Greece has been going through has increased the number of woman seeking to donate eggs and increase their “income”. As a result there is no waiting list for treatment and many couples can plan treatment during the summer months and combine treatment with their holiday.
  3. Fantastic success rates
    Success rates for egg donation in Greece are high due to the large availability of young healthy egg donors. As IVF Units are private they strive to have the best success rates by having the most sophisticated equipment and keeping up-to-date with any new developments in fertility.
  4. Fantastic location
    An excellent holiday destination, well known for its hospitality, beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle…..where better to start a new family?
  5. Personalised treatment
    The legal framework is not as strict as in many other countries, enabling private units to focus on patient care and not cost effectiveness of a national health service.

Greece is becoming a very popular place for IVF treatment and with the fantastic climate, low prices and great standard of care it may soon be the preferred choice for people travelling abroad for fertility treatment.


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