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Using Your Voice On the Path to Parenthood

A blog by Dania Sander, May 28, 2014

The journey to conception is usually very intimate and private, but when dealing with infertility we often lose the intimate part of the journey (or at least how we had intimacy set out to be in our minds) and most of the times we choose to keep the privacy around it.

I remember my clear choice to stay quiet for a long time about many aspects of my infertility journey. It was due to fear, shame, stress or just the choice to protect myself from the need to share that another cycle didn’t create a pregnancy and all the emotions that came with that.

The challenges we all experience around infertility at times can bring up the choice to stay quiet about it, which at times leads to giving up our voice and we give up on being heard during this journey.

Why is it important to be heard?

Working with women and couples on the Path to Parenthood, I often hear about them experiencing themselves as being out of control in the process. At times, feeling powerless is interpreted in one’s mind as being hopeless. I find that what keeps us hopeful during this journey is the ability to be pro-active, gaining control, being a part of the conversation in a powerful way.

Allowing our voice to be heard in the long run means that we powerfully chose to create new possibilities on the path to parenthood.

At times speaking up requires courage, vulnerability, openness and some may tend to shay away from these. However, I see this as the point where we can be our own advocates.

At times our medical team don’t know how we are feeling or what we realized we are willing to try, or how our choices shifted from when we first discussed possibilities with them. Our voice has its power and ensures that we are showing up powerfully for a process that requires a lot of commitment, but at times keeps us with no results for a while.

I am writing this blog post as I want to offer you that there is another way to walk this path, there are always new possibilities on this (at times) long road and the way we show up to this journey will create certain results.

Let your voice be heard, bring your authentic self to the journey. It’s that beautiful part of each and every one of us that speaks from the heart. It’s that vulnerability that makes us powerful and allows us to create possibilities from a powerful place of choice.

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