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Successful Pregnancy after Unexplained Infertility

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a blog by Dr. Andrea Reh, Dominion Fertility, September 15, 2014

Dr. Reh here with a happy story about a couple with the most frustrating infertility diagnosis of all: “unexplained infertility.” Up to one-third of couples presenting with infertility are “diagnosed” with unexplained infertility, which means their testing fails to identify a cause. While having unexplained infertility means that couples could still conceive on their own, the likelihood goes down over time.

V.T., a 36-year-old woman with unexplained infertility for three and a half years, had already failed four Clomid IUI cycles at another fertility center. After weighing their options they proceeded with a cycle of stimulated IVF and we retrieved 20 eggs of which 12 fertilized.

All 12 developed to blastocysts and were sent for preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) to determine whether the embryos were chromosomally normal. Of the 12 biopsied embryos, only 7 were chromosomally normal. This is a typical result for women over the age of 35, and serves as a testament to the effects of aging and the utility of this amazing technology.

With this added information about her embryos, her chances of pregnancy are improved and her chances for miscarriage are reduced. Furthermore, with PGS embryos we can feel increasingly confident about transferring only one embryo - despite a woman’s age - while reducing her risk for twins and all of the potential problems that come with a twin pregnancy.

The following month we transferred just one normal embryo back and are happy to report that V.T. is doing well in her first trimester of her singleton pregnancy!

Best wishes and congratulations, V.T.!

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