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Donor Diva: Let's Talk Egg Donation

We started our TTC journey in our mid 20s. I was one of “those” who thought it would be easy to get pregnant.

When we went for our fertility work-up, I found out I had high FSH, and my fertility doctor told me I had premature ovarian failure (POF). He also said our only way to have a family was to use donor egg.

It took me over a year, two in vitro fertilizations (IVFs) with my eggs and lots of tears to finally make the decision to move on. In February 2010 we welcomed our son via egg donation. Ant is now the center of our world.

After making the decision to use donor eggs, I realized how important it is for people to understand egg donation. It has become my mission to promote egg donation as a great choice for those who need it.

If you would like to know about my journey through motherhood, you can follow me on my personal blog Donor Diva: Mother via Egg Donation.


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a blog by Donor Diva, June 30, 2011

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a blog by Donor Diva, June 23, 2011

After having a child via egg donation, I was concerned my family wouldn’t treat him the same way they treat my other nieces and nephews. For example, up until recently I was afraid my parents loved all their other grandchildren more than Ant.


a blog by Donor Diva, June 16, 2011

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a blog by Donor Diva, June 8, 2011

Mother (noun):
A female who has given birth to offspring.
A female or thing that creates, nurtures, protects, etc., something.

In adoption, the woman who gives birth to the baby is called the “birth mother,” and the women adopting the child is called the “adoptive mother.” But is “mother” the right word in egg donation?


a blog by Donor Diva, May 31, 2011

I recently read several articles about a British Columbia Judge ruling in favor of the offspring of anonymous sperm donation, egg donation and embryo donation being able to find out about their biological parents. My initial reaction was negative, but after some thought I realized this may be a good thing (in some ways).