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In Session: Lessons from an Infertility Therapist

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Carrie Gottlieb, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City treating individuals and couples struggling with infertility and family building issues. For more information about infertility therapy or Dr. Gottlieb’s practice, please go to or you can reach her directly at


Hands and hearts

a blog by Carrie Gottlieb, Ph.D., September 23, 2013

a blog by Carrie Gottlieb, Ph.D., May 11, 2013

Every woman dealing with infertility will tell you that there the reminders of this struggle are everywhere. From the pregnancy announcement on Facebook to the strollers that run over your feet at the grocery store- bellies, babies, and other reminders are at every turn. When you are an infertility patient, this seems to always be the case. But if reminders are ever present, this is doubly true on Mother’s Day.

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