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Which Traits Make Up a Desirable Egg Donor?

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, January 5, 2016

Donating eggs can make the difference in a couple’s ability to start a family. Many young women have considered donating their eggs, but are unsure about the process or what is required of them. Knowing the desirable egg donor traits that fertility clinics are looking for can make the decision easier.

Desirable egg donor traits include:

  • Age
    In order to donate eggs, a woman must be between 18 and 28 years old. These age limits are in place as they correspond with the time frame where a woman’s eggs are at the highest quality. Jewish donors can donate eggs until age 30.
  • Health
    A good record of health is required to become an organ donor. This includes being a non smoker and being a healthy weight for your height. Additionally, you must be free of STDs and have no history of STDs. Because your eggs will be used to help a couple start a family, a family medical history is a must have. Adopted women or those who are unaware of their medical background are unable to donate eggs.
  • Photos
    Egg donors must be willing to submit photographs of themselves at various stages in their life. In order to be considered, photos as a baby, toddler, and adult must be provided. These images allow perspective parents to select a donor that has the physical features that they are looking for. For many individuals, selecting a donor that has similar features is a must.
  • Education
    Potential parents are looking to provide their babies with the best, including providing the best foundation for education. Therefore, the ideal egg donor has at least a high school diploma. Having some college course work or a degree will make you more appealing to potential parents.

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