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Can Obesity Result in Low Testosterone and Sexual Dysfunction?

A blog by Dr. Matthew Wosnitzer
October 29, 2014

In addition to low sex drive (resulting from low testosterone), erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs more commonly in obese men, than in normal weight individuals, due to disturbance of vasculature, metabolic syndrome (up to 97% of men have ED), and hormones including decreased testosterone. These changes disturb nitric oxide production in the penis needed for erection1.

In addition to these factors, obesity carries increased risk of smoking, diabetes, increased cholesterol and blood pressure, all of which are associated with increased risk of ED.

Low testosterone may affect quality of life and sexual function due to widespread effects on muscle mass, increased body fat, hot flashes, gynecomastia (breast enlargement), as well as symptoms of tiredness, depressed mood, and reduced mental concentration.

Overall, there is interplay of many complex factors from obesity which promote low testosterone (and its many consequences) which may contribute to ED and subfertility in men2


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