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The Facts, The Story, The Connection—De-Mystifying the Donor Search

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Perfect Egg Donor

a blog by Ellen Glazer, March 28, 2014

Over the last several years I have learned a lot about how women and men go about choosing egg donors. The process, which was once mystifying, now seems much more predictable and understandable than I thought years ago.

My (co-authored) book, "Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation" includes a complex breakdown of the process but I think that for most people it boils down to these essentials: The Facts, The Story and The Connection. Here’s what I’ve found…

First, The Facts.
In embarking on a search for a donor, people look at certain facts—a donor’s age, whether she’s donated before, where she lives and her availability to donate now. All are important in helping predict whether she is likely to be ready, willing and able to donate—the key components of a successful donation.

Other facts include her height, hair and eye color, build, medical and mental health history, education and occupation.

Intended parents vary in the relative importance they place on each of these facts. For some, a great health history trumps all. For others, a close physical resemblance. And others set their gaze on a donor’s academic success.

Next, The Story.


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