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Infertility Served with a Side of Bitter

I’m just your typical pissed-off 30-something who can’t seem to get (or stay) pregnant, despite being emotionally, physically and financially ready.

For close to two years, specialists, acupuncturists, Internet psychics, vitamins, Voodoo fertility rituals, foul-tasting herbs and my own sense of impending doom have been my constant companions on the road to baby (oh, and my husband too).

Join me as I fumble my way through doctor-prescribed Sexy Time, peeing on sticks and mining for vag gold (aka egg white cervical mucus), all while trying to keep my sense of humor.

You can also find me complaining a lot on my blog: Yolk: a blog about eggs and sperm


infertility brain.JPG

a blog by Elphaba, March 31, 2011

We’ve all heard of pregnancy brain — supposedly it’s that potent mix of hormones, vomit and anticipation that combines to make pregnant women forgetful and spacey. Experts debate its existence, mostly dismissing it as urban myth, and yet most pregnant women can regale you with at least one or two (or 20) examples of that time they put the flour in the fridge or forgot their own name.

Pregnant Women Don’t Have a Monopoly on Insanity

There is another very real, very active form of baby-induced mind mush — and that’s the infertility brain.

infertility coping 2.jpg

a blog by Elphaba, February 28, 2011