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Little Girl Thrives After Being Frozen for Over Five Years

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A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, February 19, 2015

Ruby Deane spent her first five and a half years of existence frozen in sub-zero temperatures. She wasn’t the subject of a science experiment – she’s what people commonly call a “snowflake baby.” Ruby is part of a unique group of children born through the process of embryo adoption.

The science behind embryo adoption is pretty amazing. A couple struggling with infertility may turn to in vitro fertilization to build their family, but may complete their family before they’ve used all of their embryos. As a result, they’re left with a decision – do they keep their embryos frozen, discard them, donate them to science, or donate them to another couple longing for a family of their own?

Ruby’s biological family opted to donate their embryos, to another couple – Joe and Robin Deane. Ruby, along with seven other embryos from her biological parents, was shipped to the Deanes via FedEx. On frozen embryo transfer day, all of the embryos were thawed, and Ruby survived. She was transferred into Robin’s womb, and born to the Deanes nine months later. The process from implantation to birth created a powerful bond between Ruby and her parents.

Ruby’s biological parents donated their remaining embryos so that that they could have a chance a life – something the Joe and Robin Deane were able to give her.

“She was in a very cold dark place and we gave her an opportunity to live,” says her father, Joe.


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