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It’s Important to Have Access to Bio-Parent Information

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A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, July 14, 2015

Before the 1980’s, adopted children knew little to nothing about their genetic heritage – their exact ethnicity, genetic diseases, or whether or not they had biological siblings. It left a lot of adopted or donor-conceived children in the dark about themselves, and they rarely ever had their questions answered.

Thankfully, views on access to biological parent information are shifting.

With new laws going into effect around the world, people born in or before the 1980’s are gaining access to information about their bio-parents. People in their 30’s or older are finally getting the answers they’ve always wanted!

Embryo adoption agencies have chosen to use the open adoption model for successful matches between donor and adopting families. This benefits the biological family, the adoptive family, but most importantly the child. The level of interaction is mutually agreed upon by both families and can range from swapping photos, to occasionally meeting up. Adopted children are able to learn more about their backgrounds, and adults know that the children are loved and cared for.


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